McDonald’s anunció su nueva iniciativa que permitirá a sus clientes en Estados Unidos la posibilidad de realizar sus pedidos y pagos a través de sus dispositivos móviles, en un intento por recuperar a los consumidores que ha perdido la cadena

Fuente de la imagen : McDonald’s Corp ofrecerá durante este año la oportunidad de que sus clientes en Estados Unidos hagan pedidos y paguen con sus teléfonos móviles, en un intento por recuperar consumidores perdidos ante cadenas de comida rápida rivales. La iniciativa denominada “pedido y pago por móvil” estará disponible en la totalidad […]

Promocion de Banco General y tarjetas Michael Kors

Promocion de Banco General y tarjetas Michael Kors

Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud?

Video of the hacking : click here This article provides an extensive study of the current practice of online payment using credit and debit cards, and the intrinsic security challenges caused by the differences in how payment sites operate. We investigated the Alexa top-400 online merchants’ payment sites, and realised that the current landscape facilitates […]

Other companies should look to Starbucks on how to offer prepaid programs

Credit Unions should learn from Starbucks Coffee Co. when it comes to offering prepaid and present tiered rewards to users, according to an opinion piece in CU Insight. The article points out how Starbucks is now holding more consumer funds than many banks. The issue for credit unions and other financial institutions is making sure […]

WalMart sues Visa for resisting use of PIN-based transactions

Wal-Mart Stores Inc filed a lawsuit against Visa Inc, saying the payments network operator was resisting the use of personal identification numbers (PINs) by customers for purchases made on debit cards at its stores. Wal-Mart and other U.S. retailers have pushed their payment partners to allow customers to use PINs instead of old-school signatures in […]

EMV Shows Slow Progress

It’s a marathon, not a sprint—which is how the EMV transition might be described. While credit card issuers and payments companies indicate that a majority of credit cards now have the embedded chip, that does not capture the reality of limited EMV POS usage. As colleague, Alex Johnson, points out in the Bloomberg report, entering […]

Computerworld Suggests Linking Gift Cards to Purchasing Cards to Prevent Fraud

“What thieves often do is take advantage of a technology hole with most retailers. That hole is that the specific identifying numbers of gift cards are not always tied to the card that made the purchase. In other words, when a bank shuts down credit or debit card 123456, there is usually not an automatic […]

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