Month: June 2015

Phone Scams Rise 30% as Bank Fraud Goes Low-Tech

With today’s financial institutions ever-watchful about potential electronic security events across banking channels, fraudsters are becoming more creative in the ways they try to get sensitive information from people, including FI call center employees. Part of the reason for this shift is FIs’ desires to provide an easy, pleasurable customer experience, which can create unintended […]

The top 5 Myths of EMV

Top 5 Myths : Myth #5: It’s going to cost me to upgrade to EMV. Myth #4: There’s no real benefit for consumers. Myth #3: My business is too small. Myth #2: Fraud is just going to shift to online shopping. Myth #1: EMV is the answer to card fraud! If you’re trying to decide […]

Texas Wants to Require Photo ID for All Card Present Transactions

A bill in the Texas State Legislature would require merchants to ask for photo IDs from anyone looking to make a purchase with a credit or debit card. The bill number is HB3522. Sec. 604.153. REQUIRING PHOTO IDENTIFICATION FOR CARD TRANSACTION. (a) A merchant may not accept a card for payment in a point of […]