Month: April 2016

PCI To Publish New Version April 28 With More Strict Authentication, Service Provider Rules

“The most important point is that the change to the requirement is intended for all administrative access into the cardholder data environment, even from within a company’s own network. This applies to any administrator, whether it be a third party or internal, that has the ability to change systems and other credentials within that network […]

Time to update ISO8583 in card payment transactions?

The messages used in card payment transactions are still based on the ISO8583 messaging standard originally published in 1987. The standard has of course been updated on a number of occasions (1993, 2003) though the latest version has not become widely used. Perhaps some time in the future we will get a widely used standard […]

EMV Shows Slow Progress

It’s a marathon, not a sprint—which is how the EMV transition might be described. While credit card issuers and payments companies indicate that a majority of credit cards now have the embedded chip, that does not capture the reality of limited EMV POS usage. As colleague, Alex Johnson, points out in the Bloomberg report, entering […]