Tarjetas Prepagadas

Tarjetas Prepagadas – Prepaid Cards

Other companies should look to Starbucks on how to offer prepaid programs

Credit Unions should learn from Starbucks Coffee Co. when it comes to offering prepaid and present tiered rewards to users, according to an opinion piece in CU Insight. The article points out how Starbucks is now holding more consumer funds than many banks. The issue for credit unions and other financial institutions is making sure […]

PCI To Publish New Version April 28 With More Strict Authentication, Service Provider Rules

“The most important point is that the change to the requirement is intended for all administrative access into the cardholder data environment, even from within a company’s own network. This applies to any administrator, whether it be a third party or internal, that has the ability to change systems and other credentials within that network […]

Emetec – Actualizacion de base de datos y mejoras al Servicio

Estimados Clientes, Entre el Lunes 31 de Agosto y Viernes 4 de Septiembre de 2015 estaremos realizando un upgrade a nuestra base de datos y durante este periodo de tiempo las terminales conectadas a la red de Emetec / MercadoRegalo presentarán interrupciones en donde no se podrá utilizar las terminales ni transaccionar. Esta actualización es […]

Why the U.S. is not Rushing to Adopt Chip and PIN Credit Cards?

Another article, this one in MainStreet.com reminds us that the U.S. is migrating to EMV chip cards relying on signature and not PIN for cardholder verification. Matt Schulz, senior credit card industry analyst for CreditCards.com, notes that chip and signature is still a major step forward for credit card security in the U.S. However, he […]

The top 5 Myths of EMV

Top 5 Myths : Myth #5: It’s going to cost me to upgrade to EMV. Myth #4: There’s no real benefit for consumers. Myth #3: My business is too small. Myth #2: Fraud is just going to shift to online shopping. Myth #1: EMV is the answer to card fraud! If you’re trying to decide […]

Texas Wants to Require Photo ID for All Card Present Transactions

A bill in the Texas State Legislature would require merchants to ask for photo IDs from anyone looking to make a purchase with a credit or debit card. The bill number is HB3522. Sec. 604.153. REQUIRING PHOTO IDENTIFICATION FOR CARD TRANSACTION. (a) A merchant may not accept a card for payment in a point of […]