El fraude por clonación de tarjetas de crédito y débito aumenta 26% en Panama

En la actualidad, 632.110 tarjetas circulan en el mercado local. A marzo de este año la deuda asciende a US$2.032 millones, US$294 millones más que el año pasado. En Panamá el delito de fraude por clonación de tarjetas de crédito y débito aumentó un 26% en el año 2016. Mientras el sector bancario busca cerrarle […]

Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud?

Video of the hacking : click here This article provides an extensive study of the current practice of online payment using credit and debit cards, and the intrinsic security challenges caused by the differences in how payment sites operate. We investigated the Alexa top-400 online merchants’ payment sites, and realised that the current landscape facilitates […]

Fraude de tarjetas migra de Tarjetas presentes a transacciones con Tarjeta no presente

A pesar de que los fraudes con tarjetas de crédito y débito han disminuido con el ingreso de los plásticos con chip, las autoridades recomiendan a los usuarios ser precavidos ante la entrada de los últimos meses del año, cuando se incrementa el consumo en los comercios y por internet. Milton Scafullery, coordinador del Comité […]

WalMart sues Visa for resisting use of PIN-based transactions

Wal-Mart Stores Inc filed a lawsuit against Visa Inc, saying the payments network operator was resisting the use of personal identification numbers (PINs) by customers for purchases made on debit cards at its stores. Wal-Mart and other U.S. retailers have pushed their payment partners to allow customers to use PINs instead of old-school signatures in […]

New Credit Card Scam / Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: With only basic knowledge in coding and the use of a web debugging proxy, several syndicates took to their computers to “purchase” electronic and luxury appliances from online shopping companies. They would visit the online shopping websites and purchase all their items using phony credit card details while the debugging app was activated. […]