EMV Shows Slow Progress

It’s a marathon, not a sprint—which is how the EMV transition might be described. While credit card issuers and payments companies indicate that a majority of credit cards now have the embedded chip, that does not capture the reality of limited EMV POS usage. As colleague, Alex Johnson, points out in the Bloomberg report, entering […]

Why the U.S. is not Rushing to Adopt Chip and PIN Credit Cards?

Another article, this one in reminds us that the U.S. is migrating to EMV chip cards relying on signature and not PIN for cardholder verification. Matt Schulz, senior credit card industry analyst for, notes that chip and signature is still a major step forward for credit card security in the U.S. However, he […]

Phone Scams Rise 30% as Bank Fraud Goes Low-Tech

With today’s financial institutions ever-watchful about potential electronic security events across banking channels, fraudsters are becoming more creative in the ways they try to get sensitive information from people, including FI call center employees. Part of the reason for this shift is FIs’ desires to provide an easy, pleasurable customer experience, which can create unintended […]

The top 5 Myths of EMV

Top 5 Myths : Myth #5: It’s going to cost me to upgrade to EMV. Myth #4: There’s no real benefit for consumers. Myth #3: My business is too small. Myth #2: Fraud is just going to shift to online shopping. Myth #1: EMV is the answer to card fraud! If you’re trying to decide […]

Servicios Financieros | Crearías tu propia moneda virtual?

Muchas personas estan hablando sobre la moneda virtual BITCOIN.  Me acuerdo cuando primera vez escuche sobre la moneda fue a principios de este ano y no le puse mucha atención.  Ahora que vale arriba d1 mil dólares un bitcoin, ya es algo que me hace dedicarle el tiempo como para escribir un artículo. Primero que […]

Seguro de Vida en tarjetas prepagadas

MetLife la aseguradora mas grande de Estados Unidos lanzo un programa de tarjetas prepagadas o tarjetas de regalo de seguro de vida las cuales están en estos momentos disponibles en todos los WallMart de Estados Unidos.   Esta tarjeta ofrece $10,000 a $25,000 en seguro de vida por un costo de $69 al ano.  Una vez que compras […]

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