The top 5 Myths of EMV

Top 5 Myths :

Myth #5: It’s going to cost me to upgrade to EMV.
Myth #4: There’s no real benefit for consumers.
Myth #3: My business is too small.
Myth #2: Fraud is just going to shift to online shopping.
Myth #1: EMV is the answer to card fraud!

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to a newer terminal that supports EMV transactions, and which probably also accepts mobile payments via near field communications (NFC), and if your business has a healthy pipeline of debit or credit-based transactions, then you won’t go wrong upgrading in the coming months. A terminal certified to EMV, NFC and the latest PCI requirements is going to be a viable payment acceptance device for years to come.

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Source : http://blog.verifone.com/mobile-technology-innovations/top-5-myths-emv/