Time to update ISO8583 in card payment transactions?

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The messages used in card payment transactions are still based on the ISO8583 messaging standard originally published in 1987. The standard has of course been updated on a number of occasions (1993, 2003) though the latest version has not become widely used.

Perhaps some time in the future we will get a widely used standard to try and replace the ISO8583 standard with added compatibility between different systems. At the moment, the ISO20022 standard in particular is being worked on in a number of different fields.

The most promising standards to replace  ISO8583 so far are:

  • EPASOrg: Card Payments Exchanges (CAPE), for messages between the payment terminal and the acquirer of the card transaction.
  • ISO/TC68/SC7/WG: Acquirer to Issuer Card Messages (ATICA),  for messages between the acquirer of the card transaction and the card issuer.
  • Berlin Group: Card Clearing Payment Messages (CCPAY), for clearing messages of card transactions

Source = Joel Leino @ https://solinor.fi/blog/posts/iso8583-inconsistency-in-standardised-payment-transactions-since-1987